Sunday Curmudgeonly The Perfect Labor Day Bombe Aux Trois Chocolats Dessert Kit

Our daughter planned to be away on Labor Day weekend, so we visited on Friday morning before her departure. To her surprise, we also delivered a Bombe Aux Trois Chocolats dessert kit. When she was young, this cake was my go-to high end option for special occasions.

This famous dessert from Julia Child is a molded chocolate cake, enclosing chocolate mousse, covered in dark and milk chocolate.

Definitely a 2 day recipe for me, now. I used to be able to knock one out in an afternoon, but Covid fatigue and joint pain conspire to make it a more deliberate, and planned, process.

I made the mousse on Wednesday. On Thursday, baked the cake and molded it to the bowl filled with the rich, dark mousse, then left it to chill and firm up in the fridge. This was a mini cake, having split 1 recipe into 2 small bowls, one for her and one for us. After all, I need to maintain my high standards with quality control. When it came time to assemble, there wasn’t much energy left after a long day. So I came up with an interesting idea. Why not deliver it as a do-it-yourself kit?

On Friday morning, we packed up the little bowl of cake and mousse, chopped up the two chocolates, dark and milk, bagged them, grabbed a handful of toasted pecans for decoration, and filled a small Talenti jar with cream, a spoonful of sugar, and a smidge of vanilla. Now to replace that empty jar by getting some more chocolate sorbet…

When she arrived at her destination Friday, all she had to do was remove the bowl from the fridge an hour before serving. Unmold it, easy peasy since the bowl had been lined with plastic wrap. Shake the jar for a few minutes to approximate whipped cream, melt the chocolate in the microwave, drizzle over the cake, top with toasted pecans, and Voila! Bombe Aux Trois Chocolats in miniature form!

What a perfect dessert to start Labor Day weekend!

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